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About Us

Gokul group has a chain of retail outlets & showrroms in Kolkata and jaipur retailing imported fruits and lot more, where Gokul's name is synonymous with quality, service and innovation . The every idea and outlet of imported exotic and tropical fruits was first conceptulised by Mr. B.K. Balasaria in kolkata. in india this concept was a new phenomenon all together and in no time the project turned out to be one of the greatest succcess in Kolkata & jaipur. The underlaying srength of Gokul is
A. QUALITY OF THE CUSTOMERS : it was never compromised upon and here gracious tradition of taste continues to win acclaim.

B. COURTEOUSEESS : We hold a renowned tradition of dedication and service tour distinguished customers where they are always treated with a smile.

C. IMPECCABLE SERVICE : Gokul, maintains a high degree of professional service standard with personal care and attention.

D. MOST COMPETITIVE RATES : Gokul, guarantees its customers the best value for their money with special emphasis on quality of goods


F. INNOVATION & Trend SETTER : Gokul has always been the first to import fruits from different countries and also offer its patrons the most innovative packaging, concepts and services for all occasions, wedding & festivals, we specialize in thai fruit contains for weddings.

G. MYTHOLOGY IN BUSINESS : Gokul  correlates itself with great mythological character Lord Krishna and at Gokul every customer is offered with best goods, utmost devotion and respect. Keeping the above factors in mind Gokul therefore became a landmark in the history of Kolkata and Jaipur.

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